By getting involved early, Foremost Contracting can help owners navigate through the various phases of construction – from concept to completion. With our vast experience and knowledge of the construction industry’s regulations and methods, we can provide conceptual and detailed cost estimating, preliminary scheduling and design-build services. Working closely with the project team, Foremost Contracting is able to anticipate the owner’s needs and exceed expectations.

General Contracting

As seen in our project history, Foremost Contracting has substantial experience in all phases of construction – from groundbreaking to closeout. We work closely with the owners and design team which enables us to cost-effectively build on a lump sum basis, with partially or fully completed plans. Whether it’s a new building or major renovation with a practical and creative approach, Foremost Contracting can provide complete general contracting services for all types of complex or fast-track projects.

Construction Manager

As a professional CM we provide exceptional management services for all aspects of pre-planning, design, engineering, and construction phases. In this capacity, we advise the construction team on the feasibility of the chosen design, provide pricing information throughout the design phase, hire and manage all of the subcontractors that will be involved in the project as well as inspect the work during the construction phase. We are able to maximize productivity and minimize cost by being involved in the on-site daily activities and by implementing project control systems ranging from simple document tracking to integrated systems that track project issues, schedules, changes to scope and finances.